Generating Model Predictions

Find Your Selected Model ID

The Indico Platform keeps multiple copies of your model and holds them all in a Model Group. So, if you train a classifier to categorize Airline Comments as we show in one of the examples, the classifier will be treated as a Model Group. Each new version that you train gets a new “Selected Model ID”. To find the latest Selected Model ID of a model you trained in the application, just visit the Review page of that model and you’ll see the ID in the upper left corner (below the Model Group ID) - see below.


Call ModelGroupPredict

With a Selected Model ID (30403 in this case), all you need to do is call ModelGroupPredict with a list of samples to predict. Here’s an example:

from indico.queries import JobStatus, ModelGroupPredict
from indico import IndicoClient, IndicoConfig

my_config = IndicoConfig(

client = IndicoClient(config=my_config)

job =
    data=["My flight got canceled", "Did my frequent flyer number expire?"]

print(, wait=True)).result)

Important Performance Note

If you want to run predictions on more than one sample then ALWAYS pass a list to ModelGroupPredict. Loading a new model to run predictions is a costly operation. You are far better off to only do this once and pass in a list of samples to predict. The list can be just a few or even a few thousand.