class indico.config.config.IndicoConfig(**kwargs)

Configuration for the IndicoClient.

  • host= (str, optional) – Indico Platform hostname (ie

  • api_token_path= (str, optional) – Path to the Indico API token file indico_api_token.txt

  • api_token= (str, optional) – The actual text of the API Token

  • verify_ssl= (bool, optional) – Verify the host’s SSL certificate? Default=True


IndicoConfig object


RuntimeError – If api_token_path does not exist.


By default, the IndicoConfig constructor will set host and api_token_path from the INDICO_HOST and INDICO_API_TOKEN_PATH environment variables. If these variable are not set then it will use as the host and will look for the indico_api_token.txt file in the user’s home directory.

If your Indico Platform host is configured to use http instead of https or if the host has an invalid SSL certificate then be sure to set verify_ssl=True